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Last modified September 14th, 2010
[ Announcement ]

Welcome to next phase of OpCUBE Project.

Point to next generation of Programmable material concept and applications..

named "Physical Computing".

Since the first times, 2003 Summer, I'd published MIDE-51 software package on web with ASEM-51 Assemmbler tools for MCS-51 beginner , and support SDCC - C language compiler on year later..

MCS-51 is good MCU to learn and use, easy to getting start to build your own system on past years time. But now, we have many microcontroller available on market. New generation MCU had much more advantage features than old MCS-51 , e.g. Microchip's PIC / dsPIC, Atmel AVR / AVR32 thru high-end ARM base MCU.

Good developer need to learn and made comparison each others MCU, on the advantage/disadvantage feature need on new design, or old project improvement..

Amoung of them,Atmel's AVR is most interesting chip, with modern 8-bit RISC MCU and rich I/O performance in less $ price. With tons of document available on web since simple D.I.Y. hardware project to complex system design. Also several software support since commercial tools for best code optimization or open-source AVR-GCC also work great with no cost..

AVR becomes the value choice for implement "Physical Computing" idea.
The proposal of "physical Computing " is made for interaction of hardware control "the real world" with easy softeware programming.

That's why AVR section added here.. and others MCU may be posted on next the proper time..

Have fun...

Worapoht K. , Bangkok - Thailand on 22nd Oct 2009
OpCUBE Moderator
if any comment or suggestion, mail me:
wrp [at] opcube [dot] com

[ OpCUBE : The Action! ]

AVRIDE project group

Take AVR Microcontroller on real things.
Product development since 2006 , Q4

for project

POP! Project - POP-168 board
More simple, More creative.
Copyright 2006-2008, Innovative Experiement (INEX)

  • AVR Microcontroller ATMega168 in MatchBOX size, 24 pin wide DIP socket
  • Running speed 16MHz
  • Built-in RS-232 transceiver
  • On board 10 pin standard In-System Programming Connector
  • Operationg voltage from 3.3 to 5.5 V.
  • Download via Bootloader (STK500V1 Compatible and Arduino software ready)

  • POP-Loader
    Bootloader Utiltity for POP-168

    Support all standard AVR Tools e.g.
      [Open Source]
    • C Language - AVR Studio + WinAVR (Win32 only)
    • C/C++ Eclipse + AVR Plugins + AVR LibC (for Linux and MacOS X), (WINAVR for Win32)
    • Arduino software (Win32, MacOS X and Linux)

    • [Commercial]
    • BASIC / C / Pascal - MikroElektronika
    • ImageCraft C compiler
    • etc..
    more info. POP! Project page

    available on INEX global online shop

    JX-Mega128 board - with Wiring Project
    Get more power of controls.
    Copyright 2008, Innovative Experiement (INEX)
    refer to original design of Wiring Board by Hernando Barragan,
    see Wiring Project on http://www.wiring.org.co

  • AVR Microcontroller ATMega128 in Palm size.
  • Running speed 16MHz
  • Built-in USB serial converter for Upload and Serial communication
  • On board 10 pin standard In-System Programming Connector
  • On board +5V. Low dropout voltage regulator with DC. input terminal
  • Power source selectable between USB Bus powered or On board power supply
  • Both pin name and Wiring's port numbering indicate on connection pads
  • Operationg voltage 5 V.
  • Download via Bootloader (STK500V2 Compatible and Wiring software ready)

  • Support all standard AVR Tools e.g.
      [Open Source]
    • C Language - AVR Studio + WinAVR (Win32 only)
    • C/C++ Eclipse + AVR Plugins + AVR LibC (for Linux and MacOS X), (WINAVR for Win32)
    • Wiring software (Win32, MacOS X and Linux)

    • [Commercial]
    • BASIC / C / Pascal - MikroElektronika
    • ImageCraft C compiler
    • etc..

    Wiring Board Bootloader V.1 & V.2
      Base on Jason P. Kyle 's stk500boot.c bootloader
      I'd modified to Wiring board (AVR ATMega128)
      V1 support UISP and AVRDUDE
      V2 support AVRDUDE and also STK500 plugin on AVR Studio

    Relate link

    Arduino Project http://www.arduino.cc
    AVR and AVR Studio , Atmel Corporation
    AVR Plugin for Eclipse , on AVR Plugin for Eclipse project
    AVR LibC , C library addon GCC compileron Nongnu.org AVR LibC page
    Eclipse CDT (C/C++ Developement Tool) , Current version 3.4 (Ganymede)
    ImageCraft , C.W. & ImageCraft Creations Inc.
    MikroElektronika compiler , MikroElektronika
    WinAVR , on SourceForge project
    Wiring Project http://www.wiring.org.co
    [ Software development Section ]
    [ Software tools for MCS-51 ]

    For all WIN32 Platform
    Assembler and C Language (single file sytle)

    MIDE-51 Studio: IDE for MCS-51
    Fix: Numbering syntax highlighter cause application error, change update key event trigger.
    (see changed log here..)

    Only editor : Download MIDE51.EXE
    .ZIP file format size: 647KB.

    Self-Executable file setup. Packed with
  • New! ASEM-51 V1.3 MCU file Sep 23, 2008
  • SDCC 2.9.4 (snapshot and document 091021)
  • Simulator : TS Control Emulator 8051 v1.0 (evaluation 2KB simulator limited)
  • another simulator: JSIM-51 v4.05

  • Download packed file size: 4,021 KB.

    Reference toolchain
    Assembler ASEM-51 by W.W.Heinz

    C compiler SDCC : Small Device C Compiler

    Simulator : TS Controls 8051 Emulator v1.0 evaluation (Owner : http://www.tscontrols.com was gone)

    Simulator : JSIM-51 Simulator v4.05 by Jens Altmann

    Feature on MIDE-51
  • Syntax highlighter on ASEM-51 reserved word & addition register on selected device (devices listed on ASEM51/MCU folder)

  • Syntax highlighter on SDCC reserved word & MCS-51 standard register

  • Support multi document workspace

  • Support standard editor feature and shortcut key such as Cut , Copy, Paste, Find, Replace and Windows tile & cascade

  • Editor font style and size selectable

  • Save recent file(s) opened in list

  • Shortcut to ASEM-51 html manual

  • Shortcut to SDCC html & PDF manual (search file on SDCC/DOC)

  • Report assembler & compiler message

  • Support drag and drop file from explorer.

  • Automatic save last windows position.

  • Support wheel mouse

  • Bookmark code position upto 10

  • Show/Hide line number on editor

  • For all Platform
    Eclipse with SDCC (Multiple sources project style solution)

    Need software in list

    Win32 Get all others software and unpack/install to your harddrive
  • Install Java runtime first
  • Unpack Eclipse to harddrive i.e. C:\Eclipse and made Shortcut on desktop
  • Unpack EclipseSDCC on Eclipse folder (both feature and plugin)
  • Finally, Setup SDCC Package with installer (for automatic PATH setting)

  • Linux Ubuntu : get Synaptic update first (root privilege need)
    search "sdcc" package match to your Ubuntu at http://packages.ubuntu.com/
  • sun-java6-jre
  • sdcc
  • sdcc-libraries
  • sdcc-doc
  • and others package may needed by sdcc binary

  • Online update on console
  • sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre
  • sudo apt-get install sdcc
  • sudo apt-get install sdcc-libraries
  • sudo apt-get install sdcc-doc

  • after install, get most updated package (Snapshot) on http://sdcc.sourceforgt.net and overwrite previous install.

    Snapshot (click for larger size)

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